Childrens day


Childrens day

  Venue Habitat School, Umm Al Quwain
  Date 14 November 2018
  Time 10:00 AM

Students of Habitat School eagerly waited for the day where they would get to see a different avatar of their teachers.  None of the students could contain their excitement when they saw them perform on stage.


Children's Day is a day to celebrate childhood – the sweet memories, innocuous desires, unconditional happiness and the carefree days. The days provided a perfect window for the teachers to look back at the cherished moments of life and bring back all the hobbies of singing, dancing, and fun.  


Teachers of Habitat School conducted a special assembly to mark the Children's Day. The assembly began with  Mr. Jaffer reciting verses from the Holy Quran, followed by the presentation of news headlines by Mr. Ajmal. Mr. Siby with a powerful thought for the day enlightened the students.


Speaking on the occasion, Principal Dr. Beno Kurien wished the students a happy children's day and motivated them to achieve success through honesty and hard work. Vice Principal Ms. Sheeba Ibrahim said the day is a reminder that every child deserves the education, nurturing and the best of everything.


The peppy dance performance by the  K.G and Grade teachers and the alluring folk songs, made the students groove in. The constant cheering prompted the teachers to forward their best. The event concluded with Vote of Thanks by Supervisor(Primary) Ms. Shyama Renjith.

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