Habitat Hallmarks indicate the scope of our entire curriculum experience and the manner in which we seek to do and redefine education, through constant recalibration and innovation.

Our ten hallmarks define our current focus areas.

Core Learning

Innovate to Educate

The school consistently works on curriculum development to produce a level of academic engagement that is robust, critical and focused on creating independent learners. We focus on creating a convergence of pedagogy, learning spaces and technology to attempt a curricular experience that is enriching and stimulating for the learners. For us, learning spaces are not just the four walls of the classroom and a lecture, but the entire campus of the school which delivers diverse curricular experiences to the students, in line with our motto, Learn Something from Everything.


Integrating Values and Skills

 “Wings” is an add-on programme at the school to equip the expatriate students of the United Arab Emirates especially those in their 10th, 11th and 12th grades to meet their cultural, emotional, ethical and professional requirements for growing up in a global environment. Wings

The programme has certain focus areas as like,

  • Higher Education and Professional Options
  • Culture Management
  • Parent and Resident Country: Life Style Integration
  • Parent and Resident Country: Situation Management
  • Self-Awareness
  • Ethical Awareness

Cyber School

Expanding Digital Horizons

The Cyber Square is an initiative that is pioneering among schools in UAE in that it reconceives the ideaCyber of how we do computer education, with is exclusive focus on coding and programming from early years. It is an innovative approach to enhance the learning of the students in core subjects and provide 21st century skills to students. The Cyber Square programme at the school intends to mould our students as creators and innovators rather than just end users. This programme has yielded wonderful results in just a few years of its implementation.  

Language School

Honouring Linguistic Diversity

Our school is home to an incredible diversity of students and faculty. Our students come from diverse regions in India and South Asia and yet more, even from Lan different continents altogether, speak different native languages and bring to the school different cultures. To ensure that most of the students remain connected to their linguistic and cultural roots; the school have a very strong focus on offering multiple language options which students can study, as a second language apart from studying English.

Arts School

Fostering the Artists

The entire scope of arts whether it is the fine arts or the performing arts finds a very strong representation in the curriculum at our school. This is because we firmly believe in the function of art not merely as a skill or performance but believe in its role to broaden the creative, intellectual and spiritual horizons of the student.  We have even been able to bring together a focus on art and dovetail it with our other focus on sharing and community. A concrete instance is that our school has been part of events like Art for Giving where students contributed art pieces for charity exhibitions. We take our passion for art, community and nature even further with habitatexpressions.org, a free website hosted by the Habitat Schools in the United Arab Emirates in order to provide materials and resources for understanding the working of nature in various cultures across history.

Sports School

Higher, Faster, Stronger

Sport at school, is a crucial aspect of the school’s curriculum. We understand that sport builds not only skill, it builds not only mental and physical strength. Sport can be used to lay a sound and deep foundation for moulding personality and promote a wider fellowship with fellow students based on ethical principles and practices. Any sport has deep lessons to teach us about skill, perseverance, will, triumph and failure. These lessons applied to life have the potential of being our guiding stars. At school we intend for our students to make most of these lessons.

Nature School

Learn from the Best Teacher

The natural farming programme at the school is a unique pioneering innovation that makes available an experience of farming, of being connected to the soil and understanding nature’s processes, to students. From planting to harvest, students are part of every activity of the school farming's programme. Students are taught about how nature works, different stages of plant growth from land preparation, seed germination, irrigation, manure application, weeding, pruning, trailing till harvest. In our school farming is provided as a co-curricular option to students.

Learn on 

Even after the last bell

In order to further equip students in curricular and extracurricular disciplines the school has created its signature Learn On programme where students if they so choose can engage in sports, performing art disciplines and core learning after school hours. The objective here is to develop and hone skills and talents in the students that will not only help them build, healthy creative lifestyles but also will to help them to identify, pursue their talents and build values and personality.

Habitat for Hope

Eager to Share

Habitat for Hope is a yearly sharing initiative that was started in 2015 by the school management. This initiative is focused on sharing with those who are less fortunate, in different parts of the world. It nurtures the value of giving among our student’s and makes them aware of the fact that there are many around us who need our support and care and it is our duty to contribute to this. Since its inception, Habitat for Hope has become a much valued and appreciated effort that has gone a long way in actualizing and operationalizing our Social Responsibility efforts.

Habitat Community

Students, Parents, School: Together

We strongly believe that the school is an ideal space to come together and form a community. This is especially relevant in the expatriate context of the Arabian Gulf. The key elements of this, students, parents and school are interlinked circles that reinforce and give meaning to this idea of a community and what it is capable of. At our school we have community initiatives like Art for Giving, Habitat for Hope initiative, which seek to get together the entire Habitat community, students, parents and school together. The School Community broadcast is another idea that we are working on, this will have students contributing to curating and broadcasting educational, inspirational and ecological content. This initiative will be a great platform to bring together people, raise common concerns and spread awareness, energy and goodwill. 

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